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Posted by Don Aters on 01/18/02 - 10:43:45
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Absolutely correct.  You cannot change those narrow minded people, they remain proof of the mssing chromosone.  When dealing with $750,000 of plastic surgery and a decade of rehab due to an attempted murder by Black Panthers back in the day, I don't deal with personal disdain for blacks.  If they had been "green" would it have changed the repurcussions?  Does any act of violence make an entire race guilty?  I tend not to stay in crowds of vast ethnic groups because violence seems to fester in that environment but, there are enough "rednecks" in this country that also generate such attitudes and subsequent evil deeds.
As much as i would like to think that we could all accept cultural and generational differences, it doesn't work that way and hence the evolvement of "Smith & Wesson.
"If you order shit, ultimately someone out there will allow you the chance to eat it"

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