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Posted by Don Aters on 01/18/02 - 10:36:46
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Much like politics..............and religion, I think we should keep this hero thing in perspective.  All the heroes in this country do not live in NYC.  All said, i would venture to say that there are just as many heroes in the bay area as there are in NYC.  
Kind of puzzling that through all the benefits, donations, etc., the only families receiving money are basically those from the fire department and police department.  For all those who dealt with the loss of husband, wife, children, etc., as to my knowledge, it's been a struggle to attain any compensation.
To give up a life for the good of others is ultimately the defining trait that qualifies as a hero but it's not a genetic quality that generates from the east coast.  I've seen a lot of heroes on three continents and circumstance dictates the title but, there were thousands that lost their lives in the tragic event and although not heroes in the classic example, they still have children and family members.  What about those who altered the flight in PA?
Just a thought...........

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