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Posted by RUSH on 01/18/02 - 07:44:54
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Your reply does NOT hit the nail on the head and does not make an argument for the Greaseman telling that joke.  Yes, Jessie Jackson was on SNL many many years ago.  The humor that came from that skit with Chevy Chase (for that time) does not equate with the Greaseman (who is white) saying "if he killed 4 more we would have the whole week off."  If you can't determine the difference here, you are not nearly as perceptive as you think you are.  Furthermore, your post was an example of the arrogant attitude you seem to feel towards people who are not white.  Jay said nothing other than the fact that she (along with faculty) was offended by the greaseman's remarks.  You don't understand why, since you have never been in her position or a position of "white" people treating you differently every day of your life.  The fact that you claim not to back down from anything you said just goes to tell me that you don't look very hard at yourself or deep in to your soul.  We all make mistakes and bad choices at some time.  SOme of us are able to admit it and obviously you are not.  Once a blow hard always a blow hard eh?

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