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Posted by Bob on 01/18/02 - 06:04:10
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Personally either show has its merits and as the opportunity to see you is perhaps once a year I’m just thrilled to have you guys back in town.
Being an old radical – pinko – commie bastard I love the “Volunteers” ender as I have most of my flashbacks during that song (Thank you very much!). Not to mention “We Can Be Together” or “Mau Mau (Amerikon)” all of which gets the old blood flowin again!
In a reflective mood it’s always “Diana Parts 1 & 2” which of course takes me back to my days at Kent State. So there it is.
All I know is even on that wonderful night in Nov of 2000 when Quicksilver didn’t make it and you generously did two shows back to back here in Fort Lauderdale, I still felt a selfish sadness when the music ends.
Thank you!

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