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Posted by Cricket on 01/18/02 - 01:43:58
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Spew, in fact.
(for people whose minds are working normally, that comment & the above title are in response to Kevin's existential question.  I don't blame anyone for being bewildered. Is there any doubt that WE are?)

However, since you've now inadvertently waded up to the tip of Point Pointlessness, you've become eligible for a wholly unexpected comment on... hey,
wow!  music!

A propos of one of Kevin's posts weeks ago about the unexpurgated version of "Let Me In" (& KS's search for same, on old "Takes Off" LP's...
What I can't remember, Kev, is whether you were aware that on the re-master of T.O., that version (with the "let me know where" & "don't tell me you want money") was included. Did you know that?  Did others?
If the answer is yes, then let's all just dive right off Point Pointlessness, to reach the depths of
you know what.

who probably should use pseudonyms for this kind of post

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