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Posted by Kevin R Schmidt on 01/18/02 - 00:52:59
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The Reverend Jesse Jackson lives in the exclusive North Shore of Chicago and makes a purported seven figure income annually.  Is Jesse Jackson a Christian Minister of God and Civil Rights leader of the disenfranchised or Pimp of the Disenfranchised?

Jesse Jackson is a Pimp of the Disenfranchised.  To answer in the alternative is incorrect.  

Back in 1978 Jesse Jackson before he began calling himself [Reverend], appeared on Saturday Night Live as the host.  One of the skits that evening was between him and Chevy Chase doing the news.  Chevy referred to blacks as a "Negro's" and Jesse responded by saying "coon."  They escalated into a word match of every slang term for blacks possible.  The skit ended in a shouting match between them with Jesse yelling "NIGGER" and Chevy couldn't top it so they broke into a fist fight on the news.  I remember the skit because I have it on video.  Seems Jesse didn't have a problem with the humor of that skit then and he should have no problem with it now.    

Well, Jay W.F. it appears you need an education.  And I will be the one to give it to you.  First, take off your [sensitivity] rose colored [diversity] glasses.  The world is a cruel hard place and people need to be tough.  Ethnic and racial jokes are going to be with civilization until Armageddon.  If a joke is told in poor taste.  Then the person who told the joke has to live with the consequences of that joke.  I take full responsibility for everything I say and do.  Nothing ever bothers me.  And I never back down from anyone!

I find people like you, who preach racial sensitivity and nonsexist doctrines just as prejudice as the bigots who join the KKK that you condemn.  Liberals like yourself will publicly castigate anyone who objects with your defective views.  You believe that in order to defeat your opponent you should first call them a racist, sexist, homophobic, etc., or the latest trendy name in your [humiliation] arsenal.  Next, you lay on the guilt trip that if it were you at the other end of the insult that you wouldn't like it.  In the end all you have accomplished is proving to the outside world is that you are troublemaker, lack tact, and have no common sense.  Interestingly, conservatives will call anyone who opposes them liberal.  See yourself in the pattern I just illustrated?  Of course you don't see yourself.  Do you know why?  Because your a politically correct feminist that hides your prejudice behind your subjective views of the world.

So your on the faculty of [that] college.  Do you teach Why Western White Civilization Should Feel Guilty for Being White 101, How to Emasculate White Males 201, Exploitation by White Europeans of Non-Eurpoean Civilizations 301, or Prejudice Feminist Doctrines that Should Dominate the Universe 401?  Are you trying to ban Penis Envy being taught to Psych students because you believe its sexist and degrades women?  You sound like an angry lost liberal feminist trying to lay a guilt trip on others with your comment by using the term "person of color."  How many young students have you wasted their valuable class time by you polluting their minds with your defective feminist politics?  Or do you like to believe that you enlighten them with your sensitive gender neutral garbage?  The problem is that you are a legend in your own mind and lost in your own ignorance.    

If people want to get along with each other then they should work hard and prove themselves.  If people want a better life for themselves. Then they should work for it.  No special privileges or laws for anyone.  Got a problem with that point of view.  Well, too bad! If someone says something you find disagreeable.  Just let it go and move on.  Adversity builds character and confrontation breeds animosity.  Respect is earned by hard work and not by your rude public castigation's.  And it definitely is not earned by creating subjective legal doctrine, which is something you strongly advocate.  

If you don't like a joke then don't laugh at it.  You are a naive and idealistic person who holds some very defective and perverse political views.  You would serve your students best if you became more pragmatic and less idealistic about your crotch politics.  The truth hurts Jay and you need a good dose of reality in the real world. Being book smart will only take you so far and you have a long way to go.  If you do not like what I'm telling you.  Then too bad!  

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