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Posted by Christo on 01/17/02 - 20:02:03
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sorry Stevie and Crickita
I tried - I really *wanted* to like it. I tried BIPLH sober, smashed, all kinds of ways - there was always a JA/JS I'd rather hear. I love harmonies and they are few on that album...
Sorry. I've mostly preferred the JS sound to the JA sound...especially the floods-of-voices StCharles, All Nite Long stuff which was where my head was when I was trying to dig BIPLH and the muffly, rough harmonies, waffly jam etc didn't take me there. Also of the JA songs BIPLH had few of my faves.  I can see what it is that people like about it, tho. It just doesn't lite my fire.


PS - I set my mind a-thinkin about that initiation idea, Cricketiva - sounds wayy too much fun to be legal. :-)

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