P.I. humor, cont.

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Posted by Cricket on 01/17/02 - 19:38:56
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Hey, Jay W.F. --

     I can appreciate your point about the MLK joke & about our sensitivities differing according to our experiences & history. That joke didn't make me laugh, either.
     But having said that, I also tried to find the old Lenny Bruce monologue about what gives words the power to hurt...I couldn't find it, but his point was: it's the ban on saying and thinking something that feeds that power to hurt... It's what's proscribed -- and what is not said -- that often causes real pain.  

     The comedians I've loved most (Bruce & Pryor) said all kinds of provocative, outrageous, &, to many, offensive things -- not just to get laughs but, I think, to open up stuffy, closed, or overly protected spaces...with the hope that we then could think & talk with each other more freely.  In that spirit, I welcome P.I. & any other kind of humor, as a breath of fresh air...

(& you're right: sometimes it's not funny, or at least not to some of us!)

Looking forward to meeting you in less than 3 months!


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