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Posted by scot on 01/17/02 - 17:27:58
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It's a hard decision for me.
I love both formats...they are
very different experiences from
a fans perspective. I think it's
not so much the format as it is
the songs. Some sound so much
better acoustic than electric.

I must add again...if this album
comes together...I wish you to
include the more emotional feeling
acoustic version of
"We Can Be Together".
The song hasn't made it onto any
of the newer JS releases as I al-
ways hoped it would.

"St Charles" is another that sounds
great in the acoustic format.

I prefer the bigger outdoor shows to be
louder and electric. The past few shows
I've seen at The State Theater in VA or
The Bottomline in NY are incredible with
the acoustic setup.

I remember a few years back, JS were to
play the old Bayou in DC and the show
was billed as
"The Atomic & Acoustic Jefferson Starship"
Cool title for a half acoustic/electric

My 2 cents...


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