acoustic vs. electric + closing response

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Posted by PK jssf on 01/17/02 - 16:09:38
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Many of our fellow travelers have expressed a distinct preference for
the acoustic attiude that we get/give WITHOUT a bass player, and in the
'folk' format

And I will note that I PREFER and thoroughly enjoy it myself MUCH of the

I am putting together an album of our acoustic only stuff for sometime
in the future

I am in the enviable position of finding great value in both hard rock
and folky worlds
and the ability to shift between them seemlessly at will
shape-changer, as it were

what can I tell you?

San Francisco

Rich Perlman wrote:

> Closer......... Blows Against the Empire Suite.
> And for somewhere in the middle.... "Wild Tyme."
> These lines are amongst my favorites of all time:
> It's a wild time! I see people all around me, changing faces.
> It's a wild time! I'm doing things that haven't got a name yet.
> And for "whole album".......... After Bathing at Baxter's.
> And for musicians...... please have a bass player "most of the time,"
> instead of rarely.
> See you in Middletown, NY :-)
> -Rich- The Bootlegger
> paul kantner wrote:
> >
> > Perhaps, more to the point, what songs do 'pilgrims'  all see as
> > closers in the coming aeons?
> >
> > Give me some of YOUR ideas
> >
> > PK
> > SF

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