Lyme and ticks

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Posted by E2 on 01/17/02 - 15:34:24
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Hi Carolyn.  Sounds like your community needs some help.  I can't offer that physically but I have a couple ideas along the lines of Cricket's.

First of all, are these deer ticks?  To my knowledge deer ticks are the only tick that carries the parasite that causes Lyme disease.  They are tiny arachnids about the size of a pinhead and are usually found in swarms.  Like the "moving deer ear" that RUSH described.  From your posts it sounds like there may indeed be a problem with tick infestation and Lyme but are you sure that is the only problem?  I haven't a clue about your neighborhood but it sounds like there may be some other vector involved.

One thing I can think of right away, that would be free, is to contact a college in your area.  Talk to the biology dept. (specifically zoology) and see if they have done any studies on Lyme in your area.  Even if they haven't, you may get lucky enough to interest them with your story and the symptoms in your community.  They may collect samples of the ticks in your area and test them for the parasite.  If you get their attention, not only will you start your "grass roots" movement but you might get needed exposure to the Lyme health problem in your area and any other problems that might be "buried" in your community.

I'm sorry if I rambled a bit, but I hope you get the idea.  Take care, heart, E2

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