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Posted by PK on 01/17/02 - 10:54:36
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The Greaseman's comment wasWAS very funny
and ranks on a par with Hunter Thompson's wanting to drag Charles Colson body thru the streets of
Washington D.C. chained to the back of a Cadillac...

As a welcome enntry into 2002
Can we please SAY politically incorrect things for awhile
How FAR can YOU go



DJ0454@AOL.COM wrote:

  In a message dated 1/16/02 4:26:26 PM Eastern Standard Time,
  mattg@CUB.BIO.COLUMBIA.EDU writes:

  << Over a background featuring stamps of famous black Americans,
   including King, the erroneous plaque read, ``Thank you James Earl Ray
   for keeping the dream alive.'' >>

  That is almost as bad as what the "Greaseman"  (a DJ in Washington D.C. on
  DC101) said on air a few years ago. He said about Martin Luther King day
  "Lets kill 4 more and make a week out of it" He said he was joking but the
  black students and faculty at Howard University didn't think it was very


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