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Posted by Cricket on 01/17/02 - 10:53:00
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I am sorry about what seems to have been happening to you & in your community.  Each time I see your posts, I also worry that you're putting in a lot of time & energy here that might be more productively spent elsewhere.  

If you feel that medical practitioners & businesses (etc.) are not handling things as they should, the sort of places I'd contact (after trying to work things out with the parties involved) would be:

--your local medical society (usually under the county's name) -- i.e. if there's a question about a particular M.D.

--your local D.A.'s office

--if the D.A.'s office doesn't respond helpfully, the State Attorney General's office may help

-- in California, there is at the state level, a Dept. of Consumer Affairs that deals with licensing & monitoring physicians & other licensed health care practitioners.  I don't know the name of your equivalent agency, but my guess is you could find that out (and much more, about how to pursue this) with a call to your local congress-person.

-- a BRIEF letter to an individual reporter @ your local paper who covers health or science-related topics, with an outline & short "bullet-points" next to facts.

I hate to see you putting all this time in here, where I suspect we don't have much to offer in the way of real help.

You may already have tried some of the avenues I mentioned, but if not, I hope you will.  Good luck to you!


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