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Posted by Don Aters on 01/17/02 - 09:33:43
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Will be one of the great impact songs of all time.  Heart finally produced a band influenced by women that had skills.  (Fanny was the first but no money to push it) When the DEROSIER BROTHERS LEFT THE BAND DIED OUT FOR AWHILE DUE TO INTERNAL MALADIES BUT RECONSTRUCTED WITH CARMUCCI (SAMMY HAGER, AFTER STEVE SMITH) and Mark Andes (Spirit, FireFall, JoJo Gunn) Nancy remains a gifted, beautiful woman of "Rock" but Ann has left all the visual allure as a fading memory.  She can still sing but, not exactly the most photogenic woman of the genre.
If they don't get nominated for The Hall Of Fame soon, I will be stunned.  25 years from first release is the only basic requirement and "Dreamboat Annie" was in 75-76.
Timing is now so...........we shall see.

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