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Posted by kevin r schmidt on 01/16/02 - 20:46:12
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Its been many years since I read Huck Fin.  You are right I did confuse it with Huck Fin.  Its sad that so many people feel Huck Fin should be banned.  The book was about the time Twain lived and grew up in and is a classic.  Shall history be rewritten to sanitize what happened and make others feel good and others feel guilty?  Some people feel it should and that is unfortunate.    

I had to read a book in college titled, Nisa. It was supposed to expose the reader to different perspectives in American literature.  Nisa is about a young black girl growing up in the African jungle.  The book was boring and had no redeeming value with the exception of perpetrating the politics of the Professor.  He never had a good thing to say about Shakespeare or any Western writer.  

I was having dinner with a friend and her family a few weeks ago.  Her father is a Minister for some evangelical Christian church.  The subject of Harry Potter came up and her father went off about it being Satanic and how it should be banned.  I asked him if he read the book and emphatically stated "NO".  He said he didn't need to read the book to know it was teaching children about worshiping Satan.  I excused myself from the rest of the conversation.    

In the early 60's Mike Wallace use to host a show called Biography.  One of the people was someone in or close to the Nazi Party.  Prior to execution in the late 30's he said something to the effect that when you begin to burn books you will soon burn people.  The quote has remained with me all these years and I believe it not only extends to books but recorded music and film as well.  

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