Our Sacred Lady of Flight

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Posted by Liz on 01/16/02 - 12:27:18
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Amid all the weirdness of the past week
I discovered that the energy was influencing a sculpture I've been working on.

She was becoming "Beauty & the Airplane" -
a woman in an elegant gown gazing perplexedly at a paper airplane.

I shared the concept with A-Deck friends (via personal e-mail)
and as a result, she has transformed into "Our Sacred Lady of Flight"

She no longer gazes with perplexedly at anything,
her dress is now embroidered with the stars of the night sky,
she still holds a paper airplane (made from a photo of deep space),
and wears a head dress complete with optional airplane propeller ....

But for the events of this past week, the lady would not exist!

Thanks to Kevin for the title & propeller idea!!  Liz

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