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Posted by kevin r schmidt on 01/16/02 - 11:44:13
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I have to get my hair cut today and that is one of the things in life I do not enjoy.  There is no such thing as a real "Barber Shop" in California.  I miss my old barber shop back east with a great magazine selection like Playboy,  Sports Illustrated, Popular Mechanics, Car & Track, and the latest Radio Shack catalog.  Now its all foo-foo parlor stuff with Home & Gardens, Entertainment Weekly, and Cosmo.

One day, Tony (the barber's name), told me that women are like cars.  You go into the showroom and see the nice new model and pick one out.  You take it for a test drive and take it home with you.  It runs great for a while and then it just keeps breaking down all the time and you have to fix it.  Pretty soon you get tired of fixing it and then you just get rid of it because its a pain in the ass to fix all the time.  You just don't get wisdom and advice like that anymore in these foo-foo parlors.  Not to metion, they don't even do a good job cutting your hair half the time either.  

I may not be able to wear my hair long but to let my freak flag fly, I only wear Jerry Garcia and Grateful Dead ties ... radical eh?


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