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Posted by Don Aters on 01/15/02 - 15:44:09
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The image proposed to be jerry is jerry, just pre-beard days, circa 66.
The image with chalk printing of impending Airplane performance was drawn by Bonnie MacLean, wife of Bill Graham at the time and one of the most unappreciated poster artists of the day.
The image labeled as marty is PK and  the ones labeled as jack, circa 1966 are actually 68-69.
Most young people confuse The Fillmore Auditorium with The Fillmore West (formerly The Carasoul Club).  The Fillmore opened in 66, and moved to Fillmore West in 68 due to capacity.  Both The Fillmore East & West closed in 1971 and Graham stated that he would no longer be involved in the music industry.  yea, right.
Anyway, that's the extinct of my knowledge.

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