my neighborhood, yet another family hit w/lyme + a cluster of suicidal depressed people , one was sucessful.

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Posted by carolyn on 01/15/02 - 12:25:50
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i live in an older neighborhood that borders the delaware canal.  someone on a lyme website noticed that there was a new poster who live in the same town as me and alerted me to email her. it turns out that she lives two blocks from me, her house backs up to the canal.  she was a perfectly happy , healthy mom until last summer when she got sick.  doctors could find "nothing" wrong.  she began just breaking down in tears for no reason, and feeling suicidally depressed.  this is so unlike how she used to be.  like me, she figured she must be suffering from pms.  she opened up an old phone book and made an appt with a local psychiatrist.  she just lucked out in randomly shoosing the only doctor in our area who knows how to diagnose lyme.  the rest of the family was tested and it turns out they all have lyme as well as assorted cooinfectoins.  the psychiatrist has lyme as does her husband, and she has been seeing it in our area for many years now.

her younger child has been treating with a local pediatric group affiliated with the university of penn.  the shild has had an ear infection for a whole year.  a child should not have an ear infection for a year.  at that point i think its obvious that there is a more deep seated infection presenting itself as an ear infection.

anther neighbor who's house also backs up to the canal was taking her son to that same pediatric clinic.  two years ago she got a bullseye rash and got to a dr in nj who treated her and she is fine.  he son got the bullseye and she called up the practice and they would not even have her bring him in to be seen.  she did not fool around and got him to a pediatrition in nj.  he tested pos and was treated but six months later his knee swelled up.  he was treated with the adult dosage of doxy and she thinks he is ok now.  the ped. practice associated w/upenn had put lies in his record, said the mother said there ws no rash among other things.  when she went back to retreive the records, they had changed them.

when i was seeing a penn care dr in 1998, and found out the blood tests are basically useless, i requested the LUAT test.  they went through the motions of doing the test, did not do the test, did anther test totally unrelated to lyme but did not inform me, then had the office staff call me back and tell me the LUAT came back neg for lyme.  a few weeks later, another area dr did the LUAT and the numbers were sky high.  unfortunately, that dr has been harrassed by insurence and is extremely limited in the help he can give to chronic/lte stage lyme pateints.

a few years back, a woman in our nieghborhood sucessfully killed herself using the gas oven.  neighbors were freaked out by it and did not talk about it much.

around the corner from the family recently diagnosed with lyme, is a man with five shildren who got lyme 10 yrs ago.  he had tested pos, but was still told it probably isn't lyme , more likely stress or cfs.  he lost his job, then his wife went on to get breast cancer.  there is a lyme/cancer connection.  she beat the cancer, but her husband still suffers from lyme symptoms.  both are sick of drs.  they haave a buisiness at home and struggle along.

at the end of my street, there were two children who live across the street from each other who both died of cancer.  people at the time thought it was strange and wondered if there may be something in the water.  i think more likely in the blades of grass.

one block away from me, a woman moved back to her mothers home after her divorce, because she could not care for her children.  she died of an undetected heart ailment at age 38.  neighborhoood gossip ws that she didn't take care of herself, and abused pain killers.  funny, when i became acutely ill, similar things were said about me escept that i wasn't given anything for the pain which was a horrible nightmare.  her three children were all overweight (80% w/lyme gain weight/ 20% lose - i'm a skinny lymie).  the dad used to come and take the children fishing on the canal.  when we had a dog and took him for walks on the canal, i pulled plenty of ticks off of him.  the children were not all there, it seemed as if they were in a fog.  shortly after her mother's death, the teenage girl attempted suicide.

another person in our nieghborhhod who has lyme also attempted suicde when they could not sstand the pain any more and could not get med care.

the man who used to live across the street, a fellow gardener, got bells palsy.  he went on to develope heart problems.  now i hear he has been diagnosed with parkinsons disease.  his case just screams lyme.  his daughter in law is in a wheel chair with ms.

the son of a man on our street who is a hunter had chronic throat infections and last year had his tonsils out.  he is skinny and undersized.  to say he is a behavior problem would be an understatement.  his dad has been known to hang bambi fro a tree in the front yard.  as if we don't have enough ticks here already, we need to import more.  

another woman on our street is extremely depressed despite quaffing prosac.  her lethargic daughter has to do self esteem work books.  the sister has irritable bowel syndrome.  the sister's daughter takes ritalin for hyperactivity, the mom has had heart problems for years, the dad died of cancer.  all these symptoms in one person and i would say it most certainly is lyme, in different people maybe, maybe not. they trust their dr, and pop thier "brain vitamins" but where we live........

my nest door neighbor has symptoms that sound like she should get tested.  she recintly showed me a cyst on her wrist just like the three on my husbands back.  cysts are common w/people who have lyme.  she does not have insurence right now, so she can't afford to go to the drs.

diagnally across the street, a couple married for ten years got divorced.  the wife is a dog groomer and also rides horses.  the ticks and fleas that bite the horses also bite the people who ride them.  people said she just did not know how to be happy.  30%  of people with lyme encephalitis are suicidally depressed.

another family, the mom just had an operation to have a cyst removed.  she used to be in great shape, but she has lost a lot of weight and muscle tone and looks sick.  one son had problems with chronic ear infections and behavior problems, the other son has chronic sinus infectoins and teh dad has problems with his knees.  i know thier family dr, i went to him.  he it terrible, but they trust him.

it took me more than a year to get my own husband to have a pcr test done.  the pcr tests dirrectly for the dna.  the problem is it only comes back pos in 20% of people with late stage neuro lyme.  he got it 20 years ago from a moskito bite.  he said the pain was so bad, if he had a gun he would have shot himself. the encephalitis headaches can be that bad. he wrapped a towel around his head and pulled it tight in each direction and called his parents to take him to the hospital.  he was told it was viral encephalitis.  the headaches subsided and he had no symptoms for years other than memory problems.  he got a stomach virus and it brought back the encephalitis headaches.  they went away, and i took him to my neuro who said he was healthy as an ox and did not need to be tested.  finnally last summer i got him to agree to be tested by telling him it is a spirochetal illness and if i have it he has it even if he has no symptoms.  to his suprise but not shock, it came back pos.

there are probably other suspisious cases in our neighborhood, but i do not know my nieghbors very well.  just too many poeple being shot down with this and no drs to go to and ou rinsurence won't pay fo treatment.

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