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Posted by Cricket on 01/14/02 - 22:28:52
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I agree with Eth that it would be good to find some way to create enough space that we need not "inhibit the present."  I love this place and spent much of last weekend struggling with feeling that  the pleasure in hanging out here was gone.  I'm hoping 'twas just a bad patch & we're now on the mend... I guess time will tell.  It'd be nice to lose about another quart of the self-conscious constraint I've been feeling here.  

BUT, in considering solutions (ok, the external ones):  When you spoke of having "no need to look at something that was written three months ago let alone three weeks ago," I thought about what a loss that would've been for me when I first stumbled onto this site & became enchanted with all the different personalities here: the moods, whimsy, earnest debates, brawls, lunatic colonizations, & what-not...It's possible that not too many people would want to spend all the hours I did over a 2 week period reading damn near every post going back to last January...but I'm so glad I had that option. Now and then I still go back and re-read exchanges that made me laugh or that led to recommendations of music I didn't know about -- and in case anyone is beginning to wonder, yes, I really do have a life...and a GOOD one!

Knowing nothing at all about cyberspace, I can't offer an intelligent suggestion about managing the archives, but I do hope we keep them.  I don't welcome an internalized Maoist regimen of self-criticism before and after each post, but I AM certainly willing to try capping it a bit more often.  

Any other ideas?


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