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Posted by E on 01/14/02 - 00:36:30
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So we have three Roberts here!  Nothing ever changes.  E

I wish to thank everyone in this thread and beyond for their warm and open support.  Despite the 'Drama Queen' interpretation, which was great,
I REALLY was just as confronted as it appeared.
And DID need the support.

I'm still concerned that we be able to relax here, as we have in the past---even with more CARE as to content.  

AND that's because if this space issue.
It would be much better to store, or even lose, history---than to inhibit the present, in my view.

I don't want to take space by answering individual posts, but I was touched by each.  

I hope we can remain somewhat the same
---I will      


Webmaster: please keep us updated on the space issue, developments/guidlines, etc.

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