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Posted by Christo on 01/13/02 - 15:25:26
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I saw John Sebastain a coupla times in the UK the last few years - duo shows with Fritz Richmond - great shows. He didn't have a falsetto anymore but he did well if gravelly on other tracks (smoking did for his voice apparently - he had a tough time with some smokers on the front row).
He signed a CD and I gave him one of mine and we discussed a song of his (Bless Them All from the excellent Tar Beach album) that had made a real difference to me after a burglary - apparenlty he'd written the song about another kind of villain - record companies. :-)
A real hero of mine - master songwriters and hit factorys of the 60s INHO (and doubtless there are more) - Lennon/McC, John Phillips, Brian Wilson, Goffin/King, and Sebastian.
All Sebastians albums from the 70s have been released together as a box, btw - http://www.johnbsebastian.com/

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