Grace/JA Fillmore East May 1970 - Shrimp Shit - Kent State  

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Posted by George W on 01/12/02 - 23:30:08
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Does your book touch on the May 1970 show where Grace is in extremely unique/mesmerizing form? "New York chicks don't fart, Well we do in SF sometimes" "The people your rising up against, they're right here on this stage". The Shrimp Shit rap during STL is intense. I know some people say that Grace ruined this otherwise beautiful board tape, but I say this totally represents the conflicts of the 60's, and the end of an era. Grace is spewing like Lennon Remembers, the classic Jann Wenner/John Lennon Dec 1970 Prinal Therapy Rolling Stone Interview. If I was writing a book, this JA concert would be a complete chapter!  

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