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Posted by John B. Krug on 01/12/02 - 21:59:26
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Hey Scot or Anyone interested:
.... The 2400 Fulton message board is similar to "A-Deck", but has a much wider focus...It is part of Jeff Zahnen's "Fly Jefferson Airplane" website and has been online for several years...Lately there's been a trend towards politics and religion with occasional input from Paul K. (who usually cross-posts the same messages here)
Aside from the usual argument clinics, the music content on Fulton St. is sometimes awesome with reviews, links on JA/JS/HT and other bands, etc... Anyone interested can get to 2400 Fulton by going to "Links" on this site and clicking on "2400 Fulton". If "Read Old Digest" is linked to there, one can browse the discussion threads in the archives to see what it's like... Just tryin' to help here... Best Regards! John B. Krug

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