The Dance..............without the girls

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Posted by Don Aters on 01/12/02 - 11:48:10
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Just like i knew they would, once one was alienated, the Norma Ray effect followed shortly afterward.
Kind of like the late night dances at Belleview.
I've heard that all the missing chromosones frequent the Saturday night ritual and as goofy as we all are at times, I wouldn't discount my entrance in any institution.
The nightmare is, what if you're committed, ushered to the dance and Ethel, Donna, Liz and jay aren't there?  i would hate to think i went to all that trouble and "Dance alone".
I submit the proposal that if we are going to be in this format together that, we don't always agree but, when the music starts, we all dance.  Remember, doesn't matter how you do it, just move your feet.
"Poetry is the words of the heart,
Music, words of the soul"
Pk and marty have spent their lives proving that statement and most of us, living up to the expectations of the lyrics.
All is better now but, we need to all think more like they do (The women), and stay together as we will one day be on the endangered list.
As the Navy would say, "Never give up the ship until every ass is under water".
If you are not on this site for the betterment of our own culture, the perpetuation of timeless music and helping transcend both to the next decade, try an involvement with The New Yorker,
Life or Time, all political magazines.

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