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Posted by Don Aters on 01/12/02 - 01:50:15
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Kind of like a cog in the wheel, seems to keep the fluid motion at a standstill.  It's not always the knowledge of the band that's important, who cares about who was at a show in 1968, 78 or 98 other than those involved.  it's the recollection of distant memories, a chance to regress but isn't nearly as pertinent as the ideology that the music generated.  Those responsible for that perpetuation and transcending the years are those like you, Donna, Liz, Cricket and others who know "The power of the music", and the simple things like hugs, dogs, children and cultural acceptance.  Those of us who are somewhat authoritative could stand to learn some of those traits as well.
This site would be pointless without the overall input of all of you.
Everyone has some given gift, some input, i wish mine were a bit more vast but.........."I'm dancin as fast as I can".
Peace and hugs

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