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Posted by Ether on 01/11/02 - 21:24:50
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That damn well better not be a menu suggestion,
Scot.  Sit on it, will ya.

And to make this post lengthy enough to be of value, though I enjoy the sweet sentiments, I have never been, nor do I ever hope to be, a cheerleader!  I'm the Mann.

AND Keith---DON'T kid yourself.  I've got your Sandbox--right here.

And JAY  ------excellent.

And Goom  ---------you got me comin' and goin'

And Robert W.  I have always enjoyed your poetry/nature posts, and intriguing, esoteric weirdnesses----though you have apparently not enjoyed mine.

And Ron S.   I have considered you a hugely knowledgeable, subtle, MUSIC poster on the board.
I wish the two of you had shared your deep annoyance about the MENU, earlier.

Webmaster: your concern of space is REAL and understandable. Considering HOW MUCH posts apply to ALL, is VITAL.  That would have been a good initial post---BUT hindsight blah blah blah

People assume I took everything so PERSONALLY!
Not that much.

I once willfully repressed something.
That's not good.  So if I have an extreme reaction to the intent to REPRESS, I have my reasons.

A social victory within the JS community is a victory for ALL within the JS community.

Paraphrase: Kesey

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