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Posted by Bob on 01/11/02 - 16:55:12
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I had to let some time pass before allowing myself to comment. When all this began I was angered and was about to react out of anger but I realized that it would accomplish nothing so I deferred to allow time to set a course as to where we go from here.
Ethel, I hope you decide to return for you have given this board many of its highs. You have been kind to me, which means so much.
I am saddened to watch the shit hit the fan over issues that could have been addressed in a more mature fashion but I can’t expect others to live up to my expectations.
At its best this board reminds me of “the old days” sitting around with friends, a bit medicated at times, attempting to solve the ills of humanity. Obviously we share our love of JA/JS and are fortunate to have Paul take the time to be so involved with the board. But just as the music transcends so many diverse subjects so does the flow of “conversation” on the board. This is to me one of its most precious qualities. I have small social circle (by choice and demands of my job and family). Here I have the joy of “knowing” so many people with whom I seem to share much in common and yet we are different enough to keep the board alive and interesting.
So I hope that we can heal and return to where we were a week ago. The room seems a bit empty, but that’s my opinion.
After all ya’ know we are a dysfunctional lot so we really do need each other’s insanity to keep us going.

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