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Posted by John B. Krug on 01/11/02 - 16:19:56
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.... In a way, I'm glad we're (i.e.those of us who are regulars on this list) not on a real A-Deck of a starship heading for Andromeda... The past few days really is an example of misunderstanding among posters...The problem is the way the board is configured, with the random way it's threaded.  2400 has places for specific threads under specific titles and an archive. "A-Deck" doesn't.
If this is addressed here at some point, perhaps the misunderstandings will diminish, IMHO.
 JS is still going to be touring and plans future CD releases... We ought to enjoy it while we can...I, for one, don't take anything, the band, this site, other fans I've met, etc. for granted... It's all a bonus.  Just my 2 cents! Best Regards! John B. Krug  

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