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Posted by don aters on 01/11/02 - 14:23:22
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Absolutely the saddest place in this country is The Vietnam Memorial  For a very long time, a group of "lost douls", i.e., Vietnam Veterans would live behind the facade at the beginning and end of the roaming wall.  Eventuall, another vet opened a halfway house to alleviate the problems that came about by the myriad of tourists who thought they were just a mass of street urchins.
hardly the case,................some were college graduates, teachers, etc., who just couldn't deal with the PSS, or delayed stress and found their way to others of the same ilk.
The site of the towers in NYC will now become synonymous with that kind of grief least most of the country stands behind the families who were devastated by the loss.  That's not the case ofr most of the Vietnam veterans.  To much hype and political intervention and when politicians realized the mistake, tried to cover it up by ignoring the families of fifty thousand dead, and thousands who deal with that ignorance for eternity.
"All gave some, Some gave All"   I have two cousins and two friends on there and have often wondered why i wasn't on there with them.  Perhaps that's the problem, the guilt that lingers with the veterans because the countery couldn't care less.
Perhaps that's why i never read the newspaper, i don't want to know who is killing who...........
I read the sports and intertainment...........the extent of my political involvement.

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