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Posted by Paul on 01/11/02 - 14:05:37
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The missing pieces from the "Director's Cut" of America, entailed an interweaving of verses from the old folk song "Make Me A Pallet On Your Floor," as well as "This Land Is Your Land" (an exquisite work) and Pastures Of Plenty (ditto), the last two by Woody Guthrie.

This is all detailed, by the way, in my Nicaragua Diary

Missing lyrics by yours truly >>>

after the 2nd chorus >>>

"One day in a small Kansas town
Jenny's old '65 Buick broke down
An' sittin' with her baby
Waitin' for a tow
Listenin' to the radio
     She heard songs that she'd never heard before
     Or only heard through the half open door
     As her parents listened on the radio
     In times gone by
           Woody Guthrie times gone by"

[>>>here go to This Land, Pastures and Pallet, in that order]

"As Jenny waited on the cold Kansas streets
She saw two old people   She watched them meet
Blankets 'round their shoulders to keep them warm
And she heard them talk as they walked arm in arm            'Hey Bill, you're gettin' older.'
'Yeah, Maggie, you're lookin' that way too.'
     'Did you take care of business, Billy boy?'
'Not too well, Maggie, what about you?'
They're tearin' my building down!'
     'Where will you go, Bill, what will you do?'
'I don't know, Maggie, oh God, I don't know.'
     'You can stay with me, Bill. I still love you
     A little bit.  You know I do.'"

Chorus: And it all goes on..."

[And then, near the end>>>]

"Now Jenny stood before the Vietnam wall
She'd barely ever touched her daddy at all
Now she reached out and touched his name
                 And she cried

And the baby in her arms
Couldn't understand the tears
For all her life
She had counted on a thousand years
Of love   andf family   free from fears

A young soldier stood there, hat in his hand
He saw her cry   and he watched her stand
There     staring at the wall
His own brother's name was on that wall

And their eyes touched    both in tears
She felt that thrill that she hadn't felt
           for a thou-sand years

'Who are you?' she asked
     'My name is David,' he said
He looked at the wall   and bowed his head
She took his hand   tenderly  
     And they walked away      Down

Streets of Gold
Streets of Dreams
Streets of Lovers
Streets of Golden Light

And it all goes on
Yes, it all goes on
It all goes on

In America"

Pass it on

San Francisco

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