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Posted by Ron S on 01/11/02 - 12:40:24
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You probably already know, but there's a Bath festival website at:

It doesn't look like its been updated since last summer, but it says this:

Film of Bath

  For years I've been wondering if there was any footage taken of the festival. Finally Henrietta Bannister has cleared up the matter.

she wrote:

"I regret we do not have any film of the Bath Festivals. There was a professional film made of the 1970 festival by a company called Gentle Ghost ( for which we still own the rights) but goodness knows what has happened to it. If you hear anything your end I should be really grateful if you would let me know."

Ok so now you all know that film did exist , lets collectively get looking for the company ! I'm sure if the Bannister's do find the film they will release it - which would be incredible after all these years .

Video footage of Bath

   Apparently the festival was the first in the UK to be videotaped. The good news is that the footage has surfaced and has been edited by a company in LA who are now looking for a distributor . This is all the detail I know of at the moment , no idea of who is on the film , or when , if ever, it will be released,so please don't deluge me for more info , when I hear more it will surface on this site. Lets keep the fingers crossed that it might eventually see the light of day.

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For further info, photos and eyewitness accounts, visit the website, which is quite good.

Ron S

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