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Posted by Cricket on 01/11/02 - 12:26:18
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I've missed you!

2 Days ago, I planned to post a message to you titled,  "Marty Balin & the Miracles" (has a certain ring to it, don't you think?  Something kind of familiar...) -- picking up on a long-ago thread we had going about Smokey.  Well, I got the SR & M 1998 Motown compilation called "The Ultimate Collection" & decided to take it to the gym with me...
...whereupon, I discovered there was not a single song in that whole collection that I couldn't imagine Marty singing.  Some of them, like "Ooh, Baby, Baby" I could so easily hear Marty's voice...

I tell you this for two reasons: One, I think we were on to something, associating them.  Two, I thought this would crack you up:  In all the hours I've put in on machines like the cross-trainer, with all those fancy digital displays about HR, distance, etc.  NEVER, EVER have I gotten so many flashing red warning messages in a single hour saying:  "SLOW DOWN TO REDUCE HEART RATE."

What do you s'pose that was about?

Hoping you & all of us have a better day today,


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