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Posted by Cricket on 01/11/02 - 11:51:43
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...Comin' back, let's hope.  & When she's ready, I hope (& trust) Eth will, too.

I've felt a bit shell-shocked over the past week, too, Liz, & have been watching to see how we'd work this out.  I'd hate to lose the playfulness here, the warmth, the art, music, discussions of politics, glimpses into each other's offline lives.  I think we need that to be a community.  

At the same time, after yesterday's eruption, I think I'm more aware of what kinds of posts may make some people feel excluded & so annoyed, and whether a particular post offers something to repay the time & attn it takes to read it.  AND I'd also hate to feel I could only wiggle an inch or two within a straight-jacket. There'd be no fun in it -- kind of like coloring only within the lines.
I loved it when just before the holidays several of the guys were offering their best tips for roasting; it cracked me up (& yeah, we already know I'm happier than many to go off on such excursions here).  Maybe it's just a matter of how long, how often, etc. -- & meanwhile "Ya can't please everyone" applies as well.

I'd be very sad if Eth stayed away indefinitely.

Eth, my friend, you are a big part of what drew & kept me here, too.  Your warmth, playfulness, & generosity of spirit do so much to make this a good place to be.  I'll bet a lot of the people here -- at least, those who announced themselves as new when they first arrived -- got their first welcomes from you.  Your love of the music & eagerness to be exposed to new work, & your enthusiasm for sharing what you've learned & felt...all feel essential to me, & much needed here. I learn a lot from you. Time will tell if only small & reasonable adjustments are being requested of us (i.e. private emails for details of rendezvous or dinners). -- I think my first pissed-off & defensive take on the situation yesterday morning was that personal exchanges were to be eliminated, period, & I had a huge reaction to that. We'd lose the feeling of being a community, & on better days, of being one that can let a party begin & keep going & going & whoa...  

As Keith & Kevin have in their own ways been saying: is it such a surprise that this band we're all besotted with would draw a bunch of passionate, wild, nutty, & sometimes hot-headed fans?  

Here's a quote/poem from William Burroughs:

"By plane, car, horse, camel, elephant, tractor, bicycle and steam roller, on foot, skis, sled, crutch and pogo-stick the tourists storm the frontiers, demanding with inflexible authority asylum from the 'unspeakable conditions obtaining in Freeland,' the Chamber of Commerce striving in vain to stem the debacle:  'Please to be restful.  It is only a few crazies who have from the crazy place outbroken.'"

Bob called A-Deck "a beautiful asylum".  YES!  And, Eth, you are AWOL, sort of... & missed, definitely.  "Old roadie with no van" (post 1/10) may come get you, but if not, you should know that all sorts of doors & windows have been left open around here & if you're spotted, no one's gonna try & sedate you...

with love,

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