What am I being blamed for now?!?

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Posted by Sensitive Fundamentalist on 01/11/02 - 11:03:27
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Last Saturday I was discussing the way we develop and revise history to suit our current agendas.

I admit there was a thread in that posting which it could be argued was hurtful to some and possibly inappropriate in this particular context. I made qualified but totally sincere apologies both on and off board.

What on earth has that got to do with Eth throwing her teddy out of the cot and jumping ship?!?


Webbie asks us to cut down on the personal e-mails - in a manner he now admits was not exactly user-friendly.

Your point about personal e-mails is well made and perfectly illustrated.

But it leaves us with something of a dilemna.

There's no doubt traffic on this board has increased significantly in the past couple of months - and that a lot of it is the kind of personal stuff you extol and which Webbie is trying to limit.

And, to take Michael's point, you can easily lose stuff off the bottom of the main page in half a day now - so much is getting posted.

So what do we do? Do we take the banned/now not-banned MotherfuckingGoombah's flamethrower blast (sorry, suggestion) to Whining Webbie that he gets himself a bigger server? (Whew! - shades of Dirty Kev and bigger guns!) If so, who's going to pay for it?

Michael? The band? I can hardly imagine that Jefferson Starship are struggling to buy their next communal can of baked beans - indeed, I would think Paul and Marty are quite comfortably off - but it's hardly the rolling-in-it band it once was.

So do we, the Jefferson Dysfunctional Fans, pay for it? "Subscribe to the Jefferson Starship message board!" That'll really bring in new fans!

Do we say, OK, we won't keep everything anymore. Archive the oldest 2,000 messages onto CD-R every couple of months and then delete them from the board?

That's going to archive a lot of useless crap unless somebody is going to play slave-labour god and trawl through the 2,000 deciding what should or should not be kept.

I don't know what the answer is. But we have to find one - and it's no use people getting uppity with each other about it and saying, "My way or the highway." Let's get into the Sandbox and thrash it out!

Oh, and I'd like Eth back to. She wasn't much of a scrapper - though she could get the odd sneaky one in - but she made a lot of noise of the Sandbox edges. Kind of like a cheerleader, I guess!

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