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Posted by Paul K on 01/11/02 - 10:55:52
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Well, I see, since my recent PRESS post, that the Enron story is finally exploding all over the pages

Timing is everything

...and I hope that you'll figure out what to do, without my having to tell you, about the whole situation [see the list and pictures of most of the 'accused' in most of your local newspapers this morning...]
"What are their names / And on what street do they live / I'd like to go right over and give / Them a piece of my mind / About Peace for mankind ..."

On another front:
One of my greatest fears was that the 'counter-culture' might actually 'win the revolution' and that Jerry Garcia would wind up in charge of the Sewage & Water Department, Jack would be in charge of the Bureau of Alcoholic Beverage Control and that I, myself, might HAVE to be in charge of the Department of Logic & Standards

God save the Republic

San Francisco

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