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Posted by Graham Shanks on 01/11/02 - 10:47:21
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Hi all saw the post from Keith the other day but didn't have time to reply; now that I have things seem to have gotten decidedly weird here (as Adrian said, someone accused Fulton of being nasty! - or words to that effect).

Anyway here's another - minor- connection between the Airmachine and Fairport Convention:

The both played the Isle of Wight "festival" in'68. Fairports were the next band on after The Airplane and the opening words spoken by one of the band (Simon Nichol? - seem to remember him being a bit of a joker) were "Good morning we're Jefferson Airplane"; reply by Sandy Denny (or was it still Judy Dyble then?) "No we're not, we're Fairport Convention".

This is probably the ONLY thing I CLEARLY remember from that day (well, night actually).

An indication of how, the Fairports at least, thought they were coneected/compared to JA or just taking the piss out of people who did compare them? Who knows?(Paul/Grace/Marty maybe, or any of the Fairports if they happen to chance upon this message)



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