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Posted by Jeff Tamarkin on 01/11/02 - 10:24:17
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If I can butt in here for a minute...

A number of people have asked me for an update on the status of my Jefferson Airplane book, so here it is. After more than three years of writing and revising, the book was finally completed a few months ago and has officially been accepted by the publisher. That's the good news. But they've bumped the publication date till spring of 2003--that's the not-so-great news. It WILL happen (I forgive you if you're a bit skeptical by now) but it looks like we'll all have to wait a bit longer. Hopefully you'll find it worth the wait.

I'm now beginning the process of gathering photos for possible inclusion in the book and welcome any input from you folks. I'm particularly interested in previously unpublished photos, especially from the original JA days (1965-72) but also photos of Jefferson Starship, Hot Tuna, even Starship with Mickey, the individual members, etc. If anyone knows of any photos taken BEFORE the formation of the Airplane (like, say, a shot of Paul during his folkie days on the Peninsula), I'd definitely like to see those. I'd like to see performance shots, candids, whatever. They should preferably be in black and white although we can transfer crisp color shots to B&W if necessary. The catch here is that I MUST have legal clearance to be able to use a photo in the book. If you took a photo yourself and you are willing to grant permission, I'd like to see it. If you have a friend who photographed them and can give permission, I'd like to speak with them. I can't just take a photo that I like and put it in the book without knowing who shot it and having their consent--only the copyright holder of a photo can give me permission to use it. I'm already in touch with all of the major photographers who shot the Airplane, like Jim Marshall, Herb Greene, etc. What I'm really looking for here is stuff that most people haven't seen before--unusual, interesting photos that illustrate some aspect of the JA world. All photos used MUST be clear, well-defined, well-shot photos--I can't use a blurry shot taken from the balcony in low lighting, in other words. So if you've got something you think would look great in an Airplane book, or know someone who does, please get in touch and we can figure out how you can get these to me.

Thanks, everyone, for your patience and help!

Jeff Tamarkin

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