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Posted by scot on 01/11/02 - 09:28:23
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I have a hard time glorifying any type
of military combat or form of "war".
I understand they have an incredibly
dangerous mission...and yes they are
brave...I wouldn't want to be there
because I can't stand guns and violence.
And I'm certainly against takin the life
of ANY human being. You would think that
this source of ours which is called
"Intelligence" or CIA, would one day
figure out a way to committ to preventing
wars or conflicts as opposed to fucking
around until some republican gets to make
the decision to cause the death of more
innocent people. I also have trouble with
these idiots running around with an
American flag dangling from their cars
with their "eye for an eye" attitude.
How should we think the better part of
the Afghan people feel when they lose
innocent loved ones because of our
military campaign? I'm sure they feel
they've donated their lives for a "good cause"!
Please...Sept 11 could have been prevented!

I remain,

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