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Posted by kevin r schmidt on 01/11/02 - 01:38:34
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The Starship on Knee Deep was a drastic change from Nuclear Furniture.  Knee Deep was crafted for hit radio.  When you listen to what was on the radio and watch what was on MTV, the Starship did hold their own when you compare them to the Outfield, Ah Ha, and to some extent Mr Mr.  However, Mr Mr had a poor followup to their second album and they were history.  There were a few bands that did come out of the 80's and had something strong to offer.  But the powers of the music industry, lack of touring, etc., was their downfall.

Had the Eurogliders not been compared to Fleetwood Mac they probably would still be around. The Human Legue were awesome but they never took off in the US and just faded away.  The Fixx were one of the most intelligent bands of the 80's and they sort of died out from lack of interest.  Flock of Seagulls had their one hit wonder that was also their deathknell.  The Cars suffered from overproduction and lack of interest after Drive.  And the Starship had Grapes name to bring Knee Deep to the top.  

The fatal mistake of No Protection was the second single released, Its Not Over Till Its Over.  The Starship's video was competing another band who also recorded it and had a video on MTV at the sametime.  The song Its Not Over was used in a movie, Its Not Over.  The movie was released in mid part of the summer of 1987 and was about a group of teenagers from NYC who rehabilitate and old hotel into a resort.  To this day I have no idea what people were thinking with that stupid move.  The Starship should have been used for the movie or just not use the song on the album.

Set the Night to Music was used as the theme song for another movie that I cannot remember the name of.  It was about divorced parents that get back together again.  

As for the Love Among ... lets used that album to torture bin Laden with and leave it at that ...  

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