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Posted by Memory Control on 01/11/02 - 01:17:30
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... of that time are vivid!  Rory was infrequent visitor to these shores ... an unlikely bill mate at The Capitol ... very memorable.  I worked for John from 1977-1982 ... booking/covering shows 6, sometimes 7 nights a week!

I missed all but "I Wanna See Another World," on at The Capitol, forced to entertain VIPs ... but excused myself for that Kantner rarity.  With apologies to Scot, Mickey NEVER fit in as far as I was concerned.  THAT SF music is all about vibe ... unquantifiable ... but Mickey was ill-suited or it.  He was about everything punk rock was railing against ... Paul on the other hand always seemed at home in that era ... his singular sci-fi, flower power vision is as valid today as ever.  Scot says:  "Mickey is a good singer ... better tha most."  The first part of that is true, but he NEVER GOT IT!  Part of fronting a band is creating someting beyond yourself ... something transcendental.  Mickey, Dennis De Young, the REO guy, the Nightranger guy ad nauseum have pipes - it's true ... but they blew the chance of being pied pipers ... like Daltrey, Plant, Bono, Balin.
Those spandex guys are about the chicks & the bucks ... they're yellin; but they're NOT sayin' anything.

That next night was Jorma & Vital parts if I'm not mistaken ... "Junkies On Angel Dust" (debuted) indeed.  That was Jorma & those brothers from Pearl Harbor & The Explosions ... the encore of "Volunteers" WAS interesting.

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