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Posted by kevin r schmidt on 01/11/02 - 01:17:11
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You know,  people have expected me to have my IP address banned a long time ago.  So when I read what happened from beginning to end a little while ago I was shocked.  Well,  had I not had my time taken up by my day job, I definitely would have had plenty to say in your defense.  But wisdom prevailed and time we all get back into the Jefferson Sandbox and start building something new to fight over.  I understand your humor and how you joke around.  Anyway ...

For your own good EthelwillwahsyourmouthoutwithsoapGoombah I have asked Eth to wash your mouth out with soap for the use of profanity.  No more fucking profanity you fucking FoulmouthmotherfuckerdonkycartGoombah

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