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Posted by kevin r schmidt on 01/11/02 - 00:45:17
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What tour is the tape from?  If you tell me its from 81,  your not listening closely to that tape.  They were shouting at each other on that tour.  

In 1982 they were civil towards each other.

In 1983 they were just starting to click as a singing team.

1984 pre-Kantner leaving, unknown.  But judging from Nuclear Furniture, they finally were singing together on record at least and enjoying it.

1984 post Kantner leave.  They had a few rough spots but that was from the hole left by Paul leaving.  Overall 1984 was the best they ever sang together.  

From 1985 on, I'll be murdered for saying it.  They did a damn good job together for the fluff they were singing.

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