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Posted by kevin r schmidt on 01/11/02 - 00:25:52
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The tapes I have been able to find are all audience tapes from 79/80, with the exceptions of NYE 70.  Fortunately, the tapes that I do have are all low generation and picked up between 81 and 82.  Have three shows from 79 and five from 80.  The project for the next year is to convert all the tapes to CD.  And not just the Jefferson's but others as well.  

The best arrangement of Woodenships was actually  performed during the 79/80 tour.  Craig during the instrumental part blended into the long instrumental part of the song Somewhere Over the Rainbow on top of Neil Young's Like a Huricane.  

That day job just didn't let up today to be a part of the fun ... damn!!!


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