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Posted by kevin r schmidt on 01/10/02 - 23:18:50
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A-Deck is perhaps one of the healthiest boards around that I know of.   It has a dynamic and character all it own.   Many people remember my post titled Jefferson Wheelchair, War Movie, and a host of others from last summer.   I spoke about the music, gave my opinion, and used a bit irony and satire to make my point.   There were some people who were angered by the post, some got the joke, and others just didn't get it.   But whatever anyone though about it, it made them think a minute.   Even if they thought I lost it and asked why I am writing it.  Someone would still read it and respond to it.  There have been many times Ethel, Ray, Tara, Liz, Keith, Paul K, Paul S, MultinamepersonalitydisorderprofanitynamedGoombah, Ama..Maxa... Mission/Emission Control, and even yourself Webmeister posted, responded, laughed, were angered, and puzzled.  But in the end we all managed to get along with one.  Just like that old 60s/70s/80s/90s/2K band Jefferson Grayhairs.  They had fights that were legendary and they always managed to come back together in the end and be friends on some obtuse level.  We the posters of A-Deck do the same thing.

This board is a form of communication between people.   We exchange ideas that are at differing degrees of variance and agreement from our own.   Over time I learned how to sense other's actual emotions in the way they wrote as I got to know them better.  In some way I learned to sense when someone was really angry with me, joking with me, and just not sure what to think.   I am positive other astute communicators on this board can relate to what I am saying and relay similar experiences as well.  

Had I read the post earlier today that asked that the board not be used for personal e-mail and controversy leading up to and surrounding FoulmouthGoombah, I am sure I would have responding in a much more aggressive tone in his and other's defense.   However, everything appears to be settled from all sides on the issue.   But one thing I have learned from YouneverknowWhatwillcomeoutofthemouthofGoombah is his sense of humor.   Yes, he uses profanity to communicate his expressions.   Its his way, his style, and I never took offense to it because I understood the underlying joke he was making.   When he badmouthed you Webmeister, I read in his words the same acid sense of humor he used with me many times.   Reason and responses from other's made you realize to some degree that you were reactionary.  And you let wisdom prevail in your final judgment.  I congratulate you for changing your position with BadjokeGoombah.

I can completely understand your position to monitor and delete post that would make the KKK stand up with pride.  But Keith made a very strong and powerful statement that is echoed in what I also posted within the last few days.  People are too sensitive in this country.  As soon as someone says anything that is not inline with the New Conservatism or with the Politically Correct mentality, each side will accuse the individual of being a liberal, a racist, a homophobe, or whatever.  The suppression of individual expression is used primarily for suppression of dissenting political views.  

This is a private board and I understand post can be deleted at anytime and for any reason and with no explanation given.  All of us consent to this editorial right of A-Deck and have no legal standing to fight it.  If we don't like it we are welcome to go elsewhere.  

I would like to point out that one of the reason why we have Bush, Chenny, Ashcroft, and others like them in power today is because they capitalized on suppression of ideas.  I consider myself very pragmatic with my political views and am at great variance with both the liberal and conservative doctrines.  Each side attacks and suppresses the other's views to perpetrate their own perverse agenda.  And it all comes down to power and money in the end.    

Paul Verhoeven said that the only freedom anyone has in this world is the freedom to think for themselves.  A-Deck encourages Verhoeven's belief of freedom of thought and expression.  All of us have our own personality and character that makes this a fun, vibrant, and unique board.

Thank you for not banning IPaddressGoombah.

Ethel will you please wash Foulmouthfuckinggoombahs'mouthoutwithsoapGoombah?

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