as the jEffErsOn WhEelcHair creaks..

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Posted by old roadie with no van on 01/10/02 - 21:59:49
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could be a daily soap opera.. IS one in fact!!
watching you guys play today was a real trip
very entertaining.. sort of disturbing tho. :{
virtual suicide, tears shed, fists pumped up,
SHOUTing, banning CG?, wind-ups, feelings hurt
hey, kind of like the world out there right now
something in the water today? full moon perhaps?

could have and allmost stopped it with a few
phone calls..but it needed to play itself out bad

un banning is a good thing
"fuck you" has been a slogan of the band for
the quarter of a century i have been around
have a super rare 1980 JS flight crew t-shirt
that says FUCK YOU WE DO WHAT WE WANT [on back]
          1980 black and blue tour
for the california goom..@the next local show?
thoughtfulness from MC,don..keith..verry funny2

Eth?..i will come to your house and make you
post some stuff if you dont soon...hello?

good stuff about "condensing" e-mails a bit
a few per person shoud can have mine too

why not ERASE all e-mail from this listing board
after 6 your server space that way
AND show the currant 120 messages due to traffic
do we all want this stuff to be available FOREVER?

you all rock..each and every one of you

play nice
talk about music anybody?

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