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Posted by Keith E Rice on 01/10/02 - 19:43:36
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Whoah, buddy, you might just be missing the point.

I said way back in late September that I couldn't possibly appreciate what it might be like to be in some way directly affected by 11 September - my family, my city, my country - ME - under attack.

My post is in no way meant to demean the horrors of that day - nor is it meant to mitigate the bravery and determination of the rescue services. (In the UK, we did see the videos of the firemen trudging up the stairs while people were evacuating on the opposite side of the steps.)

For me at the time, it was largely an endlessly-replayed surrealistic cartoon of airplanes crashing into tall buildings.

Some things did make an emotional connection, though. Some Brits I've talked to have got really upset about the answerphone messages. For me, it was the images of people throwing themselves out hundreds of feet up, rather than face being burnt to death. I've always had a fear of fire - so their decision connects right with my gut. Probably my decision if I was in that hopeless situation.

So no offence meant in that context - and I'm sorry your took it that way.

As it says in other posts, there are far  more serious things to worry about than Webbie having a couple of tantrums and people having collective fits over them.

"Pussy Yanks" was used deliberately to be provocative - a kind of "get real!" wake up call. What is Webbie actually asking people to do - ie: cut down on the amount of personal e-mail.

And I think Michael effectively gave us the answer - if it's going to be of interest to pretty much everybody (even if replying to an individual's specific query), then it belongs on the board. If it isn't of interest to everybody, then it doesn't belong on the board.

I think most people saw the intended humour in my post. I also think I can understand why New Yorkers might not.

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