Message board vs 2400fulton - fireproof suits needed?

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Posted by Adrian on 01/10/02 - 19:43:35
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And to think that only a few days ago, someone said they preferred the message board over 2400fulton as things had gotten too "hot" there!!!!!

In my experience, all on-line communities have their bad patches (hell, I'm the most non-confrontational person you'll ever meet, but even I've had a flame war or two in various groups etc). The key is for everyone to take a step back and calm down before the whole thing splits apart.

The biggest problem with cyberspace is you can't see the person who's making the comments, so it's very difficult to tell just what they mean at times. This leads to all kinds of misunderstandings, and as a result you have to be more careful about not just what you type, but also how you read stuff. You sometimes have to read between the lines to get the real meaning of what's been said by someone.

My message to the webmaster would be that, OK, you got pissed off at someone and felt like kicking them out, but that isn't the way to "win friends and influence people". By doing what you've done, there's very little chance that Goombah will come back here even if you lift the ban on his IP. However, much worse than that is the possibility that you may have scared away other people who've posted here in the past, as well as discouraged new people from starting to post.

Going totally ballistic over a problem rarely solves it (even though it may seem like you've solved it at the time). As I don't have the time to read every message on the board, I may be missing a few points here, but it seems that you got pissed off at people using the board to relay personal messages which would have been better sent via e-mail, am I correct? Well if that's the case, it's something that does irritate me a little as well, but people will always post messages like that to any board or mailing list no matter what you do or tell them. All you can really do is keep reminding people not to do it, and hope that they take notice. Sometimes they do, and sometimes they don't. I fight a near constant war on 2400fulton about people posting HTML messages, as they really take up space and screw up the digest, but do people listen? Occasionally, but I do sometimes wonder why I bother!

As for the volume of messages filling up disk space. Would it surprise you to know that the 2400fulton list puts out around 25 Meg of messages each year? I know that to be true as I archive each year's messages to CD-R for future reference. The message board seems to have the same sort of traffic volume as 2400fulton, so it's no surprise to me that you'd run out of space at some point.

OK, I know I've probably rambled a bit here, but let me just say can we please have a little calm here, or else I may elect to "ban" myself from the board as well. Failing that, could someone please tell me where I can find one of those Nomex suits that racing drivers wear. I've a feeling I may need one before too long!!


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