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Posted by Don Aters on 01/10/02 - 18:18:02
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The idea had merit, just was taken out of context and then all the "purveyors of Doom" climbed aboard the bandwagon.
In a country that has a history of political involvement, you opened the door to "The Four Horseman Of The Apocolypse"
Death , disease, pestulence and famine" aren't great topics for this site and much like you, i rwad to compare ideas, music comraderie and to perpetuate the band and subsequent music.
I do find it offensive to inply detrimental things about people that others know nothing about.
"Beware the pale horse" as the horseman is death.
Now we have an international bnatering session, so...................on with the show.
I think your efforts are much more appreciated than you would think so don't let all this bickering dilute your input.  It would detract from the band, the site and those involved.

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