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Posted by Therapy Control on 01/10/02 - 18:16:11
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Donna - you, Eth, Cricket Don, even Scot (there I said it) & Keith are invaluable (doesn't that mean the same as valuable ... wait a minute ... isn't that like flammable meaning the same thing as inflammable ... wait a second ... is that an oxymoron?  No?  An oxymoron is something else, right!  Like 'Black Light," 'Military Intelligence,' Keith Rice .. or is that just a moron ) ...

... invaluable members of this community.
Everyone took Artski's innocent 'suggestion' as a personal attack.  Does that mean we're so sensitive as to truly be a 'family'? (background music commences:  "We Are Family" which always reminds me of Willie 'Pops' Stargell).

Probably not - I couldn't stand being related to any Mickey Thomas fans.  Where's Dennis Miller when we need him for a good rant?  What am I saying, Commander K can rant with the best of 'em.  I hope he starts us off each (school) day with a good rant.  Or Webmaster starts us off with something for us to take out of context ... blow out of proportion & needlessly piss us & him off.

Listen people - if you want a hug, buy a dog.

Seriouly though fellow shipmates ... keep those posts comin.'  Come to think of it, THIS post was pretty mindless & meaningless, wasn't it?

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